Cusco….. more of!

Cusco….. more of!
Cusco, Peru

Cusco, Peru

Friday 4th July Our half-day tour set down for this morning was cancelled. We were elated. One of the things we have missed on this organised tour is the flexibility to do what we want, when we want. I made full use of the free morning to do one of my favourite things, especially when traveling. That is, going for an early morning walk around the city and checking out the sites free of tourists whilst listening to the local music station. I was quite a sight apparently though and received much attention. I soon realised that it must be rather unusual to see tourists out walking early wearing gym gear and listening to a Walkman. Maybe if I had have worn the ‘North Face’ gear that every one else seems to wear but that I refused to buy…??? We decided to try breakfast out of the hotel, as the previous morning had been such a disappointment to say the very least. We found a second floor café overlooking the Plaza de Armas where we ate well whilst basking in the morning sun. Following this, we went to the Museo de Inca located just off the Plaza where we spent a couple of hours studying Inca artifacts with the assistance of a guide. I was disappointed to discover that the Dominicans where the first Order accompanying the Spanish as they carried out their ethnic cleansing. I now understand why I didn’t like school! From the Museo we wandered around the narrow Calles and found the Hotel where we would stay if we were to visit Cusco again, The Hotel Monasterio. My Spanish classmates should Google this one! We bought some t-shirts for the boys before heading home to veg out. We plan to wander our later and visit the Jesuit Iglesia of La Compania de Jesus and then on to the wet markets before an early dinner and bed. We leave for Machu Picchu tomorrow at 6am. Adios

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