Home at last!

Home at last! Sydney, Australia Sydney, Australia Hi all. Have made it home at last. We had a beautiful morning for our arrival home. It was great to be able to see blue sky. Don’t laugh or scoff….this is a luxury! We don’t realise how lucky we are living in this part of the world. … More Home at last!


Santiago Santiago, Chile Santiago, Chile Friday 11th July. We made it in to our lovely hotel, the first one for this trip, at about 1am this morning. That was after leaving the jungle on Friday at 3am via the white cayman and piranha infested waters on our fateful boat trip! We are still getting over … More Santiago

Amazon Jungle

Amazon Jungle Puerto Maldonado, Peru Puerto Maldonado, Peru Amazon Tuesday 6th July We were off to the jungle area of Puerto Maldonado today. It was a 30 min flight down from the Andes in a south east direction from Cusco into the Amazon Basin. There was a heavy police presence at Cusco airport due to … More Amazon Jungle

Cusco: Last day

Cusco: Last day Cusco, Peru Cusco, Peru Monday 7th July This was our last full day in Cusco. We chose to have the day to ourselves and that started with an early morning walk for Mark and I. You have to be careful when out walking at this earlier hour. Less traffic means that the … More Cusco: Last day

Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu Machu Picchu, Peru Machu Picchu, Peru Machu Picchu 5th July Our trip to Machu Picchu started on the 6.50am train from Cusco. It is a 31/2 hr trip to the train terminus at Aguas Calientes. We were on the ‘backpackers’ train! How do I know?? Because the carriages were all labeled as such. … More Machu Picchu


Cusco Cusco, Peru Cusco, Peru Cusco Wednesday 2nd July We were not sorry to leave Lima. The perpetual grey sky, the barren landscape, lack of any real green space and the dirty air start to get to you after a couple of days. I am convinced that aggressive driving of the locals is due, in … More Cusco


Lima Lima, Peru Lima, Peru Lima: Sunday night June 29th We were worried we would never get here. Our flight had been over-booked and, as a result, there was quite a scene in the departure lounge. Various members of TACA staff were trying to influence travelers to give up their seat whilst also trying to … More Lima

Back in Quito

Back in Quito Quito, Ecuador Quito, Ecuador Saturday 28th June. We arrived back in Quito last night and were determined to eat outside of our hotel, for at least one of our nights in Quito. We set of for the New Town or, Mariscal Sucre area. We dined at an upstairs café/restaurant called ‘Altrio’ in … More Back in Quito