New York

New York
New York, NY

New York, NY

Hi all. Our Griswald’s holiday experience has lived up to full Hollywood expectations. We have had snow for the White Christmas already but have had a day at the hospital, Lenox Hill Hospital on Lexington to be exact. Ali fell ill on the way over. Her upset stomach was put down to nerves and anxiety. We arrived into JFK at about 6pm Saturday night and made our way to the apartment through a light dusting of snow. All very pretty but with Ali still off-colour. Our apartment actually existed…a big call for holiday rentals in NY. When we actually worked out the lock and key system we entered into an immaculate and spacious 4 bedroom brownstone apartment. Ali decided she felt a little better but wanted to rest so the four of us headed out around the corner for the best pizza we have ever eaten. We all had to be careful walking outside though due to the snow and ice on the sidewalk (sounding like a local already heh???). Ali did not feel any better this morning (Sunday) so I took her to the nearest hospital, much like the one on ER, and we spent the day there with her being assessed and scanned. It turns out that she has appendicitis and needs an operation. Mark took the kids out walking during the day, in between calling the medical insurance folks for me back home. He relieved my shift at about 5.30pm and, as I type this at 9.30pm, she is still waiting to go into theater. I did take Tom and Annabelle down to Macy’s to buy a coat but that is about all we have achieved so far. No photos as yet as they would all be ‘hospital grey’.

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