New York, NY

New York, NY

Tuesday 23rd We were all a bit slow getting going this morning. An early phone call to Ali established that she was ok. The rest of headed down to City Hall just above the World Trade Centre and below Chinatown. We strolled up Broadway and explored the streets around Chinatown, Soho and a bit of West Village. we stopped for a light lunch in this quirky little cafe called ‘Once Upon A Tart’ (135 Sullivan St) that seemed to promise much but actually delivered very little. From there we took a taxi so that that Mark could get his fix of Macy’s, being the only one, apart from Ali, not to visit there yet. His middle name should now be ‘Polo’ after all of the Ralph things he bought. Following on from Macy’s, Annabelle and I went to visit Ali whilst Mark and Tom took all the bags of Mark’s shopping home! We had a reassuring visit from her surgeon to say that she will probably be discharged tomorrow, ie Christmas Eve. Ali’s insurance agency will be pleased with this news…they called her today to wish her a speedy recovery. They probably saw her with her surgeon on Good Morning America!!! Her mood had greatly improved after receiving numerous calls from friends and relatives. Thanks to all who called her to cheer her up! On leaving Ali we departed NY by subway and train for New Jersey to watch the New Jersey Devils go down to the Boston Bruins at Newark. The trip there was a bit of an adventure but not nearly as exciting as the locals and action at the ice hockey. It was really full on…flashing lights, loud music, dancing girls, colourful locals but all a bit ‘Cohen brotherish’. We were glad to get back to the relative sanity of NY Penn Station! It was midnight by the time we arrived home and Annabelle and Matt kept 82nd St entertained with their skype chat. And Annabelle says that I am going deaf!!! It was a bit upsetting to see Matt and Mercer, albeit handsome boys, in shorts and t- shirt though…..a very distant memory for us at -11 degrees! Fingers are crossed that Ali gets out for Christmas Eve!!

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