Early 4am start to the holiday

Early 4am start to the holiday
Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia

Hi guys,

I’m writing this from the Lounge at Sydney Airport. On arrival we were advised that our flight was delayed by an hour. Pity. We could have woken at 5am instead of 4am! Anyway, we are most grateful to have the comfort of the 1st Class Lounge whilst we wait.

Tom headed straight to the computers, Mark to get a short black and, me, straight to my lap top. Will write more of substance and add some photos later.

We saw two of Tom’s school mates (Henry Sasse and Celso Milne) whilst we were in the Lounge….small world heh?

We arrived safely in HK where Tom headed straight to computers for another dose of Runescape, Mark to check his AFL scores and me…straight to the fridge for a G & T! And, yes, Joshua Maloof, Tom really was in Hong Kong whilst chatting to you on-line!

Mark struggled with the keyboard in the Lounge…check out the photo.

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