First full day in Vietnam…Hanoi

First full day in Vietnam…Hanoi
Hanoi, Vietnam

Hanoi, Vietnam

Sunday 5th July

We started our day with a swim in the hotel pool before heading to breakfast in the Lounge.

Saturday had been spent sitting all day as we travelled so we decided to get out walking today by doing the Lonely Planet ‘Walking Tour’ of the Old Quarter. Unfortunately, it rained a light but annoying drizzle from early in the morning but we set out anyway. We wandered through the maze of narrow little lanes (Phos) taking in all of the unusual sights. The ‘wet markets’ never fail to amuse and interest us as we wonder if our evening meals start in the mud of these narrow little lanes. Also, the numerous tube houses were a sight to behold. Narrow but long houses of only a few metres width due to the fact that dwellings used to be taxed on the basis of their width. We bought a few trinkets and then had a delicious Vietnamese meal at the Ladybird Café for $11 AUD before heading home for an afternoon siesta.

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