Prague Day 2: Kutna Hora

Prague Day 2: Kutna Hora
Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, Czech Republic

29th June

Night doesn’t last long here in Prague at the moment so Mark and I made an early start with a walk out to the magnificent 600 year old Charles Bridge. This place is like NY Times Square during the day so it was wonderful to have this space almost to ourselves. We managed to rouse Tom later and then went back to visit the gory, 600yr old arm hanging inside Basilica St Jacob…3rd time lucky as it was open this time!

We then chilled out around the Old Town Square for a while before picking up our 11am ‘New Prague’ tour out to Kutna Hora. Kutna Hora is about a 1 hr train ride out of Prague and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Don’t get excited though…we did and were disappointed! The town’s claim to fame was its rich silver deposits back in the 13th century. Prague’s currency used to be minted here and, thus, this area carried a lot of influence. That was until the veins ran dry. The biggest draw card now is the tiny Church, Ossuary of All Saints, where a mad Monk hoarded thousands of human bones from surrounding graves that where later fashioned into grotesque ornaments throughout the Church. The centre piece being a chandelier comprised of at least one of each bone from the human form.

It was a long day and, if we had our time over again, we would have done it differently. You live and learn. So, then, back to the main square for a pre-dinner drink before another night dining in…our favourite thing to do on holiday!

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