Sound Of Music Tour day

Sound Of Music Tour day
Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg, Austria

Sat 3rd July

I’m too tired to blog in full today.

am: I went for a walk whilst the boys chilled out. We then walked in to the Altstadt and checked out the local produce markets. We wished we had more time here in Salzburg as there is so much to see and do. Then it was on to a café for Mark’s morning ‘coffee fix’ before going up in the cable car to the Salzburg Fortress. After that, we went down, via the cable car, to visit the Catacombs in St Peters Cemetery and then on for lunch at a café. We also needed to rest up before our afternoon tour.

We are all soooo tired: there is too much basalt (hurts the feet), too much sun and heat (fries the brain and body) and too many consonants in all of the names (does your head in).

pm: We had a bit of time before our tour started so we went in to the Salzburg Museums. This was one of the saddest museums we had ever been in to. We were the only people there….every one else knew not to come but didn’t tell us. Anyway, after that we went on to our ‘Sound of Music Tour’, with only two other people, which was quite interesting. We can’t wait to get home and watch the movie again to check out all of our inside knowledge! This tour finished on the other side of the city at Mirabell gardens so we visited Mozart’s House before heading to ‘Triangel’ Restaurant for dinner. This restaurant is a popular choice with the locals…so we were told. After dinner we then strolled home for an early night and to watch the soccer (Spain vs Paraguay).

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