Day 4: a hotel day: our last full day in Kauai

Day 4: a hotel day: our last full day in Kauai
Kauai. , HI

Kauai. , HI

Monday 12/12/11

Mark and I started the morning with a walk along the coast and up around the two small shopping villages. Evidence of the GFC is alive and well here. There is plenty of shop/office space to rent and lots of stalled housing developments.

We had a leisurely breakfast and then spent a couple of hours by the pool. Our decision to stay around the hotel today was rewarded with good and abundant sunshine, just perfect for lying around the pool and dipping in and out of the ocean.

Lunch was back down at the pool side cafe, ‘Lava’s’, where Tom had yet another BLT, his sixth! Following lunch we went for a walk eastwards along the beach and up past some of the other hotels. There was a massive Monk seal on our beach and he was just lying there enjoying the sunshine. No resort tax for him! We decided that our hotel was the best of the crop along this section of Poipu for the pool, the hotel foreshore, the beach and due to it being a lot less crowded. From the beach we wandered up to the shopping village behind our hotel to grab some gelato. Mark checked out the shops for his new favourite beer and we considered the pros and cons of seeking a licence to import this into to Australia.

We drifted back to our hotel room for some reading time and then the boys went down for another swim whilst I watched from the balcony and typed this update. The views from this room are spectacular and you could do a lot worse than being room bound here! We are going to head out for cocktails at the Hyatt, an apparent ‘must do’ when in this part of the world, and watch the 6pm sunset from there. The sunsets here are amazing. Dinner as yet is undecided!

Well, as it turns out, as lovely as the Hyatt is, you can’t see the sunset from the hotel at all! We ended up staying there for one drink and a bit of a wander but ended up back at the Sheraton ‘Lava’ room for dinner. Guess what Tom had for dinner?

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