‘State of Origin’ Day

‘State of Origin’ Day
Seminyak, Indonesia

Seminyak, Indonesia

Wednesday 4th July: The State of Origin Day

The morning started as usual; I went for a long beach walk and Mark headed to the Gym, along with his sore knees. We all met up for breakfast at 8.30am and after a leisurely meal we then headed down to the pool and beach. I dragged myself away from this relaxation and went for a Spa treatment at 1.30pm. Then, Mark and the kids headed into Kuta in the early afternoon to take up a position at the Sports Bar so as to watch the State of Origin game. Ali and I spent a couple of hours strolling down Jalan Legian and looking in at many of the shops before meeting up with them. We stopped by Poppies Lane 1 to see if our old favourite restaurant, Bamboo Corner, was still functioning. To our great delight it was and, even more exciting, was the fact that their Nasi Goreng was still only $1 AUD. The Sports Bar was bursting at the seams with Aussies there to watch the State of Origin Game. It wasn’t quite my scene so I headed back to the hotel but Mark, Ali and Tom weren’t far behind me. We then headed down to the Hotel restaurant for a bite to eat.

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