Nick and Eleni return day!

Nick and Eleni return day!
Seminyak, Indonesia

Seminyak, Indonesia

The morning walk was a most entertaining one indeed. There were hundreds of locals, armed with large bags and kitted with gloves, carrying out a ‘Clean Up The Beach” activity. None to soon is all I can say! I also discovered another large gathering of white T-shirted folk as well but they were competing in sack races! The mind boggles as to why one would rise at 7.30am on a Sunday to compete in sack races! Further along the beach there were some students practicing their long jump event for the Indonesian Games being held in September and then, I bumped into one of the coupled from our downhill bike day. All of this in just on an hour!

We got a surprise this morning when we went to breakfast to find that Nick and Eleni were to join us! Their flight from the previous night had been cancelled so they were left in Bali for another night. Jetsar had plans to put them up somewhere near the airport but they opted to head back to The Royal Beach.

We all headed down to the beach/pool area again after breakfast. The afternoon saw us all scatter indifferent directions, except for Matt. He held fort at the pool. Mark, Ali, AB, Tom and I headed to Seminyak to browse and Nick and Eleni left to sort out their passage home.

We are gathering again back down by the beach bar at 5.30pm before heading next door to Gado Gado for dinner at 6.30pm.

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