Our second full day in LA

Our second full day in LA
Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles, CA

Sunday 23rd.

We slept a little late but headed out towards Santa Monica and Venice Beach by using the ‘hop on and off’ bus. It was a little overcast but that made the stroll along Santa Monica Pier and board walk more pleasant. We stopped for lunch at Venice Beach at the ‘Candle Cafe and Grill’. This was right on the beach and there was a band busking opposite that provided good entertainment…..though the people watching was pretty good too. Mark noted a girl sporting a bird on her head and suggested he might don Oscar down at Bondi if times get tough for us! I’ve added a photo of our Oscar so you can decide how he’d look in/on a hat.

Abbott Kinney, who made his fortune in tobacco, had developed the area of Venice beach and canals back in 1904 to be like that of Venice, Italy. The boardwalk between Santa Monica and Venice was interesting for sure but a little disappointing. It was somewhat like sideshow alley at Sydney’s ‘Easter Show’ meets Luna Park…..weird people, weird stalls and very weird offerings. Worth seeing but, just the once will do. It did seem abit of a waste of prime coastal property so close to LA.

We left the cafe and strolled further along the Venice promenade before rejoining the bus to tour through more of Venice and, then, down to Marina del Ray. Marina del Ray is a marina area with lots of luxury high rise property, hotels and restaurants. The whole land mass area is still owned by the council of LA and the rent received from developers supports the whole of LA county. So, it seems, LA is one very wealthy landlord.

The trip back to Santa Monica from Venice was along Main St and revealed a slightly more genteel and sophisticated view of the area. Santa Monica is actually a most attractive precinct and would be a destination I would choose to stay in if ever returning to LA . Much like home, it has the the benefits of shops, restaurants and cafes along a rather pretty beach front.

We remain amazed at the massive roadways throughout LA. Most streets boast between 6-10 lane vehicle ways and we wonder how they knew, in advance, to plan the city allowing for this vehicle demand.

Tom still wasn’t feeling that well following his Subway meal from back in Sydney so we cancelled our dinner reservation (for Koi) and spent the night back at the apartment. This wasn’t all that bad as it gave us some time to update this travel blog and do some washing. We pick up the rental car tomorrow and are yet to decide what to do for the day. A ‘work in progress’!

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