Dart River Jet Safari Day

Queenstown, New Zealand

Day 3: Dart River Jet Safari Day.

This morning was a carbon copy of yesterday. The same great weather and the same morning walk into Queenstown for our morning coffee. We did sit at a different table at the cafe though!

We were booked on the 1 pm Dart River Jet Safari tour at Glenorchy. This was located about 45 min by drive from Queenstown but we set out a bit earlier so as to have time to have a look around.

I have a phrase I keep in mind with my trading and that is ‘expect the unexpected’. I can add ‘Jet Boating’ under this mantra now too. Our particular group got a bonus addition to our tour. This involved becoming ‘beached’, quite unexpectedly, and then for most of our group of 16 having to offload, fully clothed, into thigh-deep 10 degree water. Gavin, our guide, had to jump in, fully clothed, to try and free us. He succeeded after about 30 min and we eventually set off again. I was one of the lucky 3 who didn’t have to offload. Gavin was a bit worried about this turn of events but I suggested he simply advise the group, when they had re boarded, that he wasn’t going to charge any extra for the detour! I did also suggest he take a ‘just in case’ bag with him in future. He was saturated for the whole of the remainder of the trip!

The rest of the tour went as advertised though and we were back home by 5pm.

We headed into Queenstown to the waterfront restaurant ‘Public’ for dinner and later finished off with some ice cream from Movenpick. Queenstown hasn’t been hit by the masses of Gelato and yogurt shops that we have at home.

We were home by 8.30 pm for an early night as we had a busy morning scheduled for the next day with bike riding around lake Wakatipu.

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