Last day of term but first day of Singapore!

Singapore, Singapore

Friday, June 20, 2014

Hotel: Pan Pacific Room 1905.

This trip to Singapore and Vietnam was a last minute change from plans we originally had to travel to Thailand. This meant an earlier departure on Friday which was Tom’s last day of term. Luckily, he was given leave to finish early as the flight departed at 3 pm.

We flew with QANTAS and it has been a while since enjoying the delights of economy on a 747. The cabin was newly configured though which meant better seating and in flight entertainment but there has been one change that mark, especially, was not happy about. Previous sector flight started with a pre-dinner drink service before the main meal was served. Not so now though and Mark was sad to miss this early beer. Apart from that though the flight was fairly comfortable and uneventful and we made it into our hotel by about 10 pm.

We settled into our room which was situated on the 19 floor and afforded pretty views across Singapore city and then headed down for a snack. The food arrived before the drinks which had Mark twitching a bit again but it was all fine and we headed up to bed by about 11 pm.

The only slightly amusing hotel entertainment came from catching the lifts. There are 4 of them but they are reasonably spaced apart. The arrival ring tone is rather mute though and the doors don’t stay open for too long and so we seemed to keep missing them. Thus, we needed a new strategy. This required each of us to stand along the lift spectrum and dive for the arriving lift and to then hold the door for the others.

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