‘Little India’ day.

Singapore, Singapore

Sunday, June 22, 2014

It was a slow start today. Mark and I went to the gym for a while before we all headed down to breakfast. There were some morning showers so we gave the pool a miss.

The plan for the day was to head to ‘Little India’ and take another self-guided walking tour, head back to the hotel for some pool time and then meet up with friends John, Deborah and William at their hotel at 6.30 pm.

It was 11am before we eventually made it out of the hotel. We caught a taxi to the Little India metro station on Buffalo Rd Little India and started our walk from there. It was only a 5 min taxi ride but you could have sworn we’d been teleported to another continent. The change in demographics was amazing from south east Asian to south Asian and, I wasn’t the only female out an about but, it sure felt like it.

Little India was packed. There was a Hindu Temple Consecration celebration over the w/e but the taxi driver said it’s packed on every Sunday. We followed the guide as per the book but the place was crowded that it made sight seeing almost impossible. Think ‘Show bag pavilion at Easter Show’ and you’re getting close!

We decided to head up to check out the Mustafa Centre which seems to be Little India’s ‘go to’ Mall. We purchased a new card for the camera but it was difficult to take in much else as the venue has narrow walk ways and masses of stock crammed in making browsing almost impossible and thus we left after about 30 minutes.

From Little India we took a taxi up to Orchard Rd to check out this busy shopping hub. The landscape here has changed a lot since our last visit and the street is now lined with high end malls, one after the other. This was a bit disappointing and so we left to go back to the hotel following a quick beer/lemonade stop.

The weather was overcast but still very hot and once back at the hotel we decided to head to the pool for a few hours.before heading out to dinner. We caught up with John, Deborah and William later at their hotel and had an enjoyable few hours catching up over dinner. We were all rather tired and so it wasn’t too late a night and we were back home by about 9.30 pm.

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