Our full day in Nha Trang

Nha Trang, Vietnam

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Mark and I tried out the gym before the three of us went to have a morning swim in the hotel pool. The pool area was lovely and offered great views out across the beach. Mark noticed some loose pool tiles though and this, along with the other issues he has noticed, has him wondering how long this relatively new hotel will remain standing! He’s quite convinced it won’t be here if he ever returns!

The plan for the day was to spend the morning on the beach and the afternoon exploring the southern end of Nha Trang. Nha Trang beach is shaped in an arc, much like our own Bondi Beach, but is 6 km long and and there are two main areas of activity and interest located at the north and the south end of the beach. Our hotel was at the northern end and we had wandered this area yesterday and so that left us the southern end to explore later today.

The hotel had some beds on the beach and we were lucky enough to find 3 shaded beds still available when we headed down there after breakfast. We spent a couple of lazy hours there reading and swimming before heading back to change for our afternoon outing.

The area around the southern end of Nha Trang was much more touristy than the northern end. There were more cafés restaurants and shops and we had fun exploring a few blocks before we separated. Mark and Tom went off to sit in a bar to watch the AFL for an hour whilst I had a massage. The boys had some Aussie company whilst there with Jimmy from Melbourne, a recently retired man and Geelong supporter who was en route to Sri Lanka and then Ireland. Jimmy promised to look for Toms Sherrin footy that we left in Kenmare Ireland some years ago!

We headed back to the hotel and the boys had a few games of pool whilst I blogged. Our intention had been to head back down to the Sailing Club but we ended up staying at the hotel lounge. We weren’t all that hungry anyway and the boys realised the Swans game was being televised in our room and so that held some appeal too.

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