Waikele Day

Kapolei, HI

Mon 21st Dec

The morning started much the same as the previous one with a brisk walk and then a trip to buy coffee. We then headed back to the Villa and down to try out the beach and various swimming pools before having a quick lunch and then on to shopping at the Waikele Outlets.

The Outlets were a huge deal of fun with everyone finding numerous items and bargains to suit their needs.

Mark had initially parked some distance away from the shops but, after a few trips back to the car and moving it a bit closer, he eventually opted for the Valet parking option that brought us right to the shops!

We lasted there from 12.30 until 5 pm and were all thoroughly exhausted by the end and made it home in enough time to catch the sunset from our balcony before walking on to our venue for dinner. There was even a display from some whales passing by our resort as some extra ‘sunset’ entertainment.

Dinner was taken at the Monkey Pod Kitchen, located just near the coffee shop, and this proved to be a great find. I would highly recommend this to anyone staying in the area.

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