Arrival Day

Bangkok, Thailand

Saturday 6th May

We arrived into Bangkok at about 7.30pm after a long flight from Sydney. We were on a new Qantas plane but the seats are so close together it’s impossible for the person seated by the window to get out to the aisle! Who thought up this floor plan?

The drive in from the airport was rather interesting as we hadn’t been here for almost 10 years and the change in the sky’scape was quite amazing. Whereas it was previously dominated by crumbling old and dirty medium rise it is now dominated by cranes, with much work clearly in progresss, and new and shiny buildings with many displaying rather cutting edge architectural design. It made me think we’re a bit boring and sub par back in Sydney.

We settled into our room and then headed downstairs for a bite to eat at ‘Than Thong’, one of the restaurants in the hotel where we’d eaten previously and enjoyed.

We were in bed by 9 but that translates to midnight Sydney time so Gad been a long day.

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