Sunny Sunday and Mark’s big ride.

We woke to the most glorious morning, the best of our time in the UK thus far; the sun was shining, there wasn’t any fog and it was relatively mild, albeit at just 14 degrees. Mark set out for his 108 km bike ride with the Hastings and St Leonards Cycle Club and I set out for a morning walk.

The contrast between this promenade on a sunny warm Sunday morning with that of the Bondi promenade could not have been more stark. Whereas Bondi would be jam packed with walkers and runners this promenade was deserted. It wasn’t even that early but there were only a couple of walkers, apart from me, and a few cars on the usually busy Grand Parade. It’s not like the locals get a lot of sunny mornings like this either; one would have thought they’d be racing out the door to soak up this beautiful sunny Sunday morning.

I headed home after my walk for a morning of charting but Mark didn’t arrive home until 2 pm. He showered and changed and then we ventured back up to Hastings Old Town for some more sight-seeing but were surprised to find quite a few places closed for the Sunday; we thought this rather strange given we were in a very touristy part of the town. We explored a bit further along this time and ended up at the the most eastern of the town where we checked out the action at the pebble beach before drifting back to the pedestrian cobbled lane area to find somewhere to sit, have a drink and plan our next move. We were both pretty tired, Mark from his ride and me from a succession of early mornings so we had one drink at The Hastings Arms where we spied an open restaurant, Dragon, quite a feat given it was only 4.45 pm! A quick Google search revealed this to be 4.5/6 so we ventured over there after our drink for a quick dinner before heading home for an early night.

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