Pendennis Castle Day.

Wednesday 20th June.

We had a slow start to the day with a morning walk out to the beach district of Falmouth before heading out at midday to Pendennis Castle. Pendennis Castle is another fortification commissioned by King Henry VIII following his split from the Catholic Church. Protection was wanted against any reprisals from Catholic France and Spain. The Castle was in service during the English Civil War and in both of the World Wars.

The Castle was a 30 minute walk or 10 min drive from our apartment and so we opted to walk. That worked out well as the car park for the Castle was just near our apartment anyway. Slight exaggeration there but you get the drift. We had high hopes for this experience given the relatively steep admission cost; although we were covered by our Heritage Pass. However, the cost simply provides for admission and there were no audio guides and few information signboards on offer. All in all, whilst impressive given the incredible history of the place, it was an average experience and nothing compared to some of the Castles we’d already seen. Our visit was of just 90 minutes and we walked home via the Old Town with a stop to buy another suitcase, this is a regular occurrence on our holidays, and a stop for lunch at the Chain Locker. It was another night of dining in.

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