Split: we finally found it!

Thursday 4th October

We were a little slow getting going this morning but we fitted in a morning walk along the promenade to the pebble beach. It was another glorious morning and my only issue was that the quick turn in temperature to the upside, whilst most welcome, left me little prepared with my wardrobe. We’d packed just a few items into our carry on bags for this last stay and I’d packed for the wrong weather. Definitely a first world problem though!

On checking out of the Hotel we discovered that we had been upgraded to an executive room, and, the best one in the hotel at that! Our room was the only room with balconies. I wished I’d known that earlier as it would have added more to our joy. Our room was 202 so make sure you request that one if you ever plan a visit here.

Mark was having a no good terrible bad start to his day. First, he covered himself in yoghurt at breakfast and then he dropped and broke his sunglasses. However, for three weeks of travel, I think that’s pretty good to have such a low damage count. We haven’t had any lost luggage, theft or dodgy accommodation so I’m thankful for that.

The hour drive down to Split went smoothly as all our road travel thus far has been. The roads are modern and great for navigating along and, with such a low population (Croatia is only about 4.5 million; a bit less than that of Sydney!), there is never much traffic. In fact, there are very few cars or trucks on the roads at all.

Our apartment, Diocletian Tower Grande, is located in the Old Town and our Sat Nav struggled to get us to the door yet again. Mark and I wandered around the labyrinth of lanes for almost 15 minutes until our host, Lada, spotted us walking the streets. It was located on the fourth floor with no lift but the views were again worth it once you got up there. This was another great apartment in a great location. The only problem as we’re finding is parking in Old Town locations. This was an issue again here but we eventually sorted by moving to a paid parking station just out of town. The cost this was way 340 Kuna, roughly $60 AUD versus the $260 AUD  it was going to cost out the front near the waterfront.

It was 3.30 pm before we had sorted the car parking but at least we had booked in a Split Old Town walking tour for 6 pm so the day was not going to be totally wasted. We decided to fill in the time until then walking around the huge 4th Century Diocletian’s Palace : one of the most imposing examples of Roman ruins in the world.

This particular walking tour was our first dud. Anyway, we were navigated around Diocletian’s Palace but that’s about all. For dinner we took the suggestion of our host and tried Korta. That, too was a dud. We’ll be eating at home tomorrow on our roof top balcony!

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