Lokrum Island Day.

Wednesday 10th October.

The weather was even better today than previous days; we had the same clear blue sky but it was a bit warmer.  We headed out for a walk before breakfast and then caught the 10.30 am ferry out to Lokrum Island, a small island located 600 m away from the mainland. The island is only inhabited by rabbits, peacocks and bird life and smoking is not permitted at any point. There are a couple of cafes, bars and a restaurant and numerous places to go swimming, although, you won’t find any sand beaches; it’s more of a scramble over the rocks.

The ferry trip takes just 10 minutes and a return ticket costs $15 AUD per person; so it’s not cheap. I think for that cost they should provide a small map of the island on the back of the relatively large cardboard ticket. When I asked about a map I was told there were signpost but these were few and far between and, often, a bit ambiguous.

Anyway, we spent a pleasant few hours strolling the island and visited the ruins of the 1023 Benedictine Monastery and Abbey, part of which today houses a fine dining style restaurant. We also made it up to the 19th century Fort, the highest part of the Island, and this offered commanding views back to Dubrovnik. Mark had brought his swimming costume but could not be tempted in the water and so our rest stop became a beer for him and a soft drink for me.

I wasn’t feeling that great today, just a bit of a cold threatening to start, and wanted to head home to rest so we caught the 1.15 pm ferry back to town. Despite this, we had already clocked up 11.7 km for the day so I was happy to call it quits. In fact, Mark went for an afternoon walk but I stayed home to rest and we ended up dining-in again.



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