Copenhagen Day 5

Wednesday 18th September

The forecast for the day was sunshine with a little bit of cloud and I was lucky enough to get the sunshine in for my morning walk.

I had planned to head out to this trendy district called Norrebro for my morning activity given that I had found an app-based, self-guided walking tour of the district. So, off I set at 10 am and, at the last minute, decided maybe I should take my umbrella. It was a good thing that I did because not long after I had arrived the heavens opened.

I had decided to experiment by catching a bus out to Norrebro and did so successfully with the nice bus driver not even charging me for the trip! I only got in a few of the stops on the walking tour completed before the rain came down and, holding the umbrella, the phone and trying to navigate and read notes all proved little fun and so I decided to head home.

The bus trip home was all of five stops, and about five minutes, but cost five dollars! I bought a batard style bit of bread this morning and that cost $5 too. Everything here is very expensive.

The sun was shining when I headed out at 1 pm but, as soon as I stepped out the door, it started raining again. I decided to continue on down to the Nyhavn area and take a canal cruise. The first cruise with a covered boat wasn’t until 2:20 pm so I killed some time in the department store opposite the Opera house, the place that used to be a Hotel and where Hans Christian Andersen had stayed. The tour guide from the other day had raved about how palatial and luxurious the shopping center was: he clearly hadn’t been to any Westfields! The 60 min canal cruise was well worth doing as you get a different perspective of some of the beautiful architectural buildings from the water. I’d highly recommend this activity if ever in Copenhagen.


I had planned to take a 90 minute walking of Christianshavn at 4pm but the continuing rain put me off so I headed home for another early afternoon. I have a full day tour booked for tomorrow, my last day in Copenhagen, so was happy to head home and start packing things up a bit.




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