Lyon to Paris

Friday 4th October

Check out from our apartment wasn’t until 11.45 am and so we used the morning to take a walk and visit the famous Les Halles food markets across the river. It was a 20 minute walk to the markets and we got to see a small bit of the city on the other side of the river. The main street we walked down after crossing the bridge, parallel to the river, was one in which I wish I could have spent more time. The clothing boutiques and fashion were very interesting and made a pleasant change from the main stream ‘big label’ shops we had been seeing in all the main hubs of the various cities we’ve visited thus far.

The food markets, too, were something to behold. This is a covered, multi-level market in a modern steel and glass building but we only had time to visit the first level. It was an amazing space, gastronomically speaking that is. We’ve seen our share our food and produce markets but this is the most decadent of all. I can’t do justice with words so hopefully the images below will suffice. (No captions today as pressed for time).

Then it was back to the apartment and check out for our 1.04 pm train to Paris; the TVG is a 2 hour trip.




Paris apartment: AirBnB link

Address: 9 Rue Brantôme, Paris-3E-Arrondissement, Île-de-France 75003, France

We made it to the apartment just after 3.30 pm and met our host, Marcello. The apartment is HUGE, 2 bedroom and 2 bathroom with a huge roof terrace, and located in the Marais district; a new district for us. Our first outing was to the Carrefour to get some supplies and then we headed out for an early dinner to Le Quin Camp.

We plan to visit the produce markets in the morning and then we are taking a walking tour of the Marais district in the afternoon.





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