Tuesday 8.5.07

Paris, France

We woke to grey skies after a good night sleep of about 10 hours. A light rain then started to fall and we watched this as we had a slow morning of reading and writing. We headed out at about 10 to the street markets in the next street parallel to ours, Rue Mouffetard. This narrow cobble-stone lane is renowned for its morning food markets. If the display of magnificent produce, meats, cheeses, breads and coffee, wasn’t enough to lift our jet-lagged souls, the break in the weather was. We bought enough for lunch and dinner and then headed home for a rest before hitting the internet café and Pantheon. Check out the photos of the butcher shop with the best BBQ chicken in the world!) I have talked at length about Marie and Pierre Cure for years and so, it was some consolation to rest by her tomb in the crypt of the Pantheon and regain some strength before our afternoon walking tour of the Latin Quarter. Our tour took us past Notre Dame, St Chapelle (Ian and Greg’s other brother), the Conciergerie, Luxembourg Gardens and Napoleon’s home. Tom was intrigued by the tale of Marie-Antoinette’s son, Louis Charles, whom at 10 yrs of age was imprisoned and supposedly “re-educated”, by a failed shoemaker, in the aims of the revolution. Louis Charles was beaten and poorly fed and eventually left to starve to death in the Conciergerie during the Revolution. Annabelle had a short visit to Gap after the tour but saw little to excite her. We rested over beer and iced chocolate outside the Sorbonne before heading home to rest our weary legs.

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