Bellagio, Italy

Sun 27th

Travel to Bellagio: Train from Nice to Milan (5 hrs). Train from Milan to Varenna (1hr). Ferry from Varenna to Bellagio (15 min). It was nice to have a day off where we could just relax and read and watch the beautiful scenery pass us by. We were all struck by the spectacular beauty of the lakes system on our arrival to the port of Varenna; it was more visual splendour of an Alpine kind though this time.

The following bit is my attempt to describe Lake Como; only to be followed if sober and/ or if interested in Geography. If that’s not you…skip the rest of this paragraph! Lake Como is in the shape of like an upside down Y. If you imagine this Y to be in bold font, then this gives an idea of the lake. It is expansive but not very wide at any point. Varenna, where we arrived by train is located on the RHS of the upside down Y, just before it diverges in to the two prongs. Bellagio is to the left of this, on the inside edge of land where the Y forks into two. Get it? If not draw it out! There are spectacular limestone mountains running north along both sides of the trunk of the upside down Y.

Mon 28th

I woke at 8am, well before the others, so headed out for a walk to check out the village of Bellagio. I had been told by the Lagudi family that this was a beautiful part of the earth and how true their words were. Bellagio village is in the north of Italy located on one edge of Lake Como, a huge lake system below the Swiss Alps. The geography/geology is spectacular; with views across the lake to other villages and then beautiful limestone mountains rising up behind them. You can certainly understand why the likes of George Clooney and mates would be buying up property here.

We had a bit of rain this morning so headed to the local internet cafe so we could all catch up with things; me with my blogs, Mark with the AFL website and the kids with their e-mails. PS: phot of George himself, taken in the cafe, on the wall when we arrive! The internet cafe was a blast; it was a wine bar/internet port! Mark tried to get a coffee but alas, no, only wine was available. Someone should do this back home…imagine the blogs after a few wines!!!

We are hoping to get out and walk around this afternoon if the weather breaks. Will blog again from Venice, our next stop, if possible.

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