Day 1: Kauai

Day 1: Kauai
Kauai. , HI

Kauai. , HI

Sheraton Kauai Fri Dec 9th – Tue Dec 13th Room 2405

Fri Dec 9th
Day One: Funny things strike you when you travel. For example…..we get to the Airport in Honolulu and, then, Kauai…well…they’ve got toilet seat protectors everywhere, at every toilet block, plus….automatic soap dispensers and, also, automatic taps. It seems they’ve invested literally HEAPS of money on this bottom (no pun intended) end of the market for protection against all nasty kinds of beasts and vermin etc etc when…it’s actually the other, top end of the market, that they should have been worried about protecting themselves from! More time, money and effort invested there on a similar scale may have actually prevented the GFC! If only they had ’tissue protectors’ for that! The mind boggles!

Well now….it’s 8pm Friday and we’re tired. It’s been Friday for us for AGES…and, it ain’t finished yet. In fact, we just posed to Tom at dinner…what would happen if we kept going backwards in time, as we were now…he said…. after some considered thought…”well….time would be delayed but ….we would still age”. So, fat lot of good that is! How come we weren’t that smart to work stuff like that out back when we were his age???

Anyway……. On landing in Kauai. I was reminded of Annabelle’s comments when we landed in Rhodes a few years ago….She said Rhodos looked like it had been hit with the “80s stick”. Well, Kauai has been hit with the “70s stick”. It’s one funny place. We felt like we had stepped back in time.

We’re staying at the Sheraton Kauai. I’d told Mark that everyone on Trip Advisor had said we’d need a car. They were right. Note to self…in future….listen to experts on TA and not my husband! Anyway, we arrived and settled into the hotel. We eventually went down to the pool bar and had lunch and then the boys went for a swim whilst I went for an exploratory walk. I headed north along the beach but had to wind up through some hotel forecourts. All good so far. I ended up at the well known Poipu beach park where I found a quirky restaurant ….think to yourself…. 2 storey Queenslander building, flaky paint off timber……XXXXbeer…you got the image? Well, I asked the girl at the front desk for a menu and if she thought I could possibly walk back to my hotel but, via the street front rather than the beach. She kind of laughed but then said ‘yes’. Silent killer she was! I did walk back via the road BUT, I do believe, I was, and have been, the only white person to walk that road…. EVER! I had huge Dodge style 4 wheel drive things hooning towards and past me with guys craning their necks out the window to see….just who was that loser, risking their life, walking along on the highway. Yep…well, that loser was me. I thought to myself…this just about sums up the whole sorry mess that these guys are in. I’m walking 20 minutes from a park back to my hotel…AND there’s no footpath because ……you’re supposed to get in your petrol guzzling car! One of my trading buddies asked me that, if I see Obama, could I teach him my TradeSpotting trading system so that he could get the country out of the mess they’re in. Well, I won’t stop at my trading system…I gotta whole lot more lined up to tell Obama and…it starts with footpaths and walking!

Now then….Mark is snoring beside me and Tom has just turned off the lights. That’s it for me then. We’re off on a helicopter flight tomorrow. Chat later.

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