Day 2 Kauai

Day 2 Kauai
Kauai. , HI

Kauai. , HI

Saturday 10/12/11

Mark and I set out for a walk at 8.30am this morning leaving Tom for a sleep-in. The weather was fine which boded well for our helicopter trip later on today. We had our first breakfast at the hotel which was interesting….Tom was prattling on about the Renaissance and something to do about Bali but I just couldn’t help notice the folk having diet coke and pastries for breakfast.

Later on we spent a bit of time down at the beach and pool before getting ready for going on the helicopter tour.

The guys from Sunshine Helicopter picked us up at 12.30pm. Now, the girl who picked us up had heard of Australia as she has a Face book friend there, but…that’s as far as her knowledge went. That is, we’re on the map….somewhere! We assembled in at the Sunshine office before heading out to the heliport. Our chopper pilot was Bruce, which made me chuckle somewhat… Aussie name but I was wondering if had any idea where Australia was too. He chartered us around the island for about an hour and I can safely say that this is a MUST DO activity when in Kauai. You get to see the most spectacular views of the whole island and all within the set time. There was a bit or rain during our flight but this didn’t spoil it at all. In fact it enhanced it somewhat as the water falls started flowing and the rainbows were out in full. Even Bruce, the pilot, pulled out his phone to snapshot the rainbows!

The drive back to the hotel was almost as entertaining as the flight though. We were in a small bus with about 7 or so other ladies, all from the US. We got chatting with them and they were very keen to hear about us and our homeland. One of them mentioned that she was a bit put off from visiting Australia because of all of the piranhas! Yes….you read correctly…piranhas! It seems that their sum knowledge of our country came via the Crocodile Dundee movie and piranhas were mentioned in there. We laughed so loud! I’m sorry Leigh, my Texas trading buddy, if you’re reading this. We’re not laughing at all of you guys….just some of you.

Anyway, we parted these friendly folk back at the hotel and Mark just about bolted out from the bus. I called out…’where are you off to’ and he replied….’it’s Happy Hour …I’m getting a beer’. So, that’s where we followed him to and Tom had his second BLT for the trip.

We’re back in the room now but about to head back down to the pool bar again…for dinner. Tom claims he’s having another BLT. One thing I know for sure though…Mark will be having a beer!

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