Lazy day & some shopping.

Thursday 12th May: Lazy day and some shopping.

There was the hint of sunshine when we woke and so we headed out for a morning walk. We had been advised that there were markets nearby and so we made that the destination for our walk. This was also near the restaurant where we planned to have tapas dinner tonight and so we thought we’d swing by that too so as to get our bearings for later this evening. However, much like yesterday’s Pilgrim parade, the markets were nowhere to be found but perhaps the weather had put them off as well. We moved on though and headed back past Eslava, our dinner destination, and then towards the Cathedral to try and get some photos before the tourist crowds set in. We were amazed to find how walking around this area was such a different experience without the huge crowds, pouring rain and raised umbrellas. We actually found some beautiful buildings that we’d previously walked on by and missed due to the raised umbrella and watch out for puddle factor and we also took some better photos of the Cathedral.

From the Cathedral, we headed towards Plaza Nueva where there was an agency that sold train tickets and the goal was to find this place and purchase tickets for tomorrow’s train trip to Cordoba. We were successful on both counts and headed home with just one last stop for Mark’s morning coffee. However, judging by the number of hanging Jamons and bottles of wine on display, we thought it might be an even better place to visit in the evening. As per usual, the rain started up before me made it home but at least it wasn’t torrential.

We spent a lazy few hours at home before heading out for a stint of shopping and it didn’t take Mark too long to acquire three new jackets, two shirts, a pair of pants, two Polo tops, a belt and some socks. This made me rather hungry, bordering on hangry, and so we left the shopping precinct to source somewhere for a light lunch as we didn’t want to spoil our Eslava dinner.

The Metropol Parasol had been recommended to us as having an elevated vantage point offering good views over the city and also a nice spot to have a drink. I’d describe it though rather differently as a poorly engineered white elephant of a structure with an obscure access point, overpriced and a dining venue that simply offered a few bits of stale bread! IMHO, this whole city could do with some civil and social engineers descending on the place and giving it a huge overhaul.

It was 3.30pm by the time we left the Parasol and Mark went home to drop off his heavy shopping bags and I headed to McDonalds for a stint of free wifi. Mark returned and we then went back to the shops in search of some shoes for Mark before heading over to Eslava for dinner. Two pairs of shoes later we had to drop these home too before going to Eslava for dinner. This was a great Tapas venue and probably the best meal we’d had in Seville thus far.

It was an early night for us as we have an early start on Friday with an 8.30 am train booked to take us to Córdoba.

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