Our last day

Bangkok, Thailand

Sat 13th May

It was a slightly overcast morning that greeted us for our final morning. We went to the gym and pool again before breakfast with no rescue efforts required today.

Being a Saturday the breakfast restaurant was busy but made especially so due to the arrival of 300 business delegates from India. The intriguing issue for me that whilst the venue was pretty much full of these delegates they were all male! Mark and I pondered what kind of business in this day and age could display such gender bias. We had our answer on the way back to our room as a couple of these men were in our lift. The company was Goodrich. An Indian company that manufactures household consumer goods including insecticides. This more begs the question of why they would have some gender balance!

Our flight want until 6pm and we had a late check-out so we decided to go back to JJ Markets for a bit as I wanted a few more items. After that we planned to relax by the pool until our departure around 2pm.

The markets opened at 10 am and so we planned our arrival for then. Our drop off point was different this time and we found ourselves near Zone 2 which we now know has the great furniture and homewards shops/stalls. I could have bought a container load worth of goods here. We ventured on up to the area where I wanted to buy some gifts but they ended up being too expensive and probably not all that good value. This has been a bit of a theme for this trip; taxis are cheap, as is street food, if you’re game to eat it, but that’s about all! We left one stall after spending much time selecting goods only to find the price out of proportion to the value and then found another stall that offered similar items slightly cheaper, although without the full variety of items as the first stall.

We’d had enough of the crowd and heat by this stage so headed back to the hotel and pool.

We left for the airport at 2pm for the long flight home.

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