First Days in New Orleans

New Orleans: Fri 29th September 2017
Friday was a very long day. It started with a sunrise at Bondi Beach and ended over 24 hours later with a near midnight arrival in at New Orleans after a very long flight.
Sunrise in Bondi
Waiting for the long flight ahead.
A very comfortable journey for us though.
The first of many beers…I’m sure!
The first ‘iced mocha’ of this US trip!


We were delighted to find our AirBnB apartment in an ideal location within the bustling French Quarter, beautifully appointed and well air conditioned. It was about 11.30pm Friday by the time we arrived and so we didn’t wast time heading to bed.

Lounge Room of our apartment
Saturday 30th September
Today was out first full day and I had booked us in to two walking tours. One of the French Quarter from 10-12pm and the afternoon tour was of the Garden District and Lafayette Cemetery from 1.30-3.3pm.
The walking tour of The French Quarter was through the oldest section of the city of New Orleans. New Orleans was founded in 1718 and developed around a central square that is today called the French Quarter.
Andrew Jackson Square, French Quarter.
The Cathedral of New Orleans
This was the site of the Slave Auction House 😦
The site of Jazz revival after the period of Rock ‘n’ Roll..
Just weird!
Why would you need to add this??
Traditional Creole House
The 2nd oldest building in the Mississippi


Oldest building in the Mississippi
Street artists
Our afternoon tour was through the charming Garden District with oak lined streets and with a variety of homes ranging from single-story cottages to grand historic mansions. The tour stated in Lafayette Cemetery though which is filled with ornate 19th-century tombs.
Our guide outside Nicholas Cage’s old house.
Early Halloween preparations.
Beautiful homes in the Garden District.
The Cemetery tour
Mark on the Cemetery Tour.

We finished our afternoon tour near trendy Magazine Street which is lined with boutiques, antique shops, fine-dining restaurants and casual cafes and local bars. Tracey’s Hotel was our first stop to rest our feet and the place was packed with local watching College Football. Suitably rested after one drink we wandered Magazine Street before heading to Coquette for an early dinner.

A T-shirt for you Tom!
Tracey’s Bar & College Football


Garden District House with rear slave quarters 😦
John Goodman’s main house.
More Halloween houses
A typical beautiful house in the Garden District.
Dinner at Coquette, Magazine Street.

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