Harvard Day.

We had a walking tour out at Harvard starting at 10.30 am but still managed to get in a morning walk. The train was the quickest route, about 15 minutes, and so we took the red line train for the four stops out to Harvard with reasonable ease. Our guide for the day was David, the guide we had last night for the Crime tour though, I have to say, he was much more animated and jovial today. probably because the group, and hence potential tips, was much larger!

We had a fun two hours strolling the grounds of Harvard and seeing the likes of where JFK, Barrack and Michelle Obama and Mark Zuckerberg lodged and studied. We had lunch at the John Harvard Pub after the tour then looked around a bit more before catching the train home in the early afternoon. Dinner was booked at 7.15 pm at Grotto but we had a drink at The Tip Tap room first. We turned in by 8pm as we had an early start with a bus trip to NYC.

David, our guide, with Harvard Crest visible through window.
Where Lampoon is written, which was inspiration for SNL and the National Lampoon movies.
Wow…Mark gets in at Harvard!
The expectation as you leave Harvard.
Lawn where Harvard main graduation ceremony is held.
A panorama of the graduation lawn.
Built at end of Civil War: Where Freshmen dine for all their meals.
Supposed be statue of John Harvard but isn’t! Also, peeps rub toe for luck (see the shine). David, our guide, says students use statue to have weeing competitions though and he won’t go near it!
Venue for our lunch: John Harvard Brewery.
Us at lunch.
Mark’s thinking of adapting this for a more local theme!
JFK exhibit; a Harvard alum. 100 yrs since his birth!
JFK’s report card from his Freshman year!
Mark Zuckerberg’s Harvard House, where he worked on FB!



The Tip Tap Room
A busy night at the Tip Tap Room.
A huge list of beers at the Tip Tap Room.
First computer: a joint project of IBM & Harvard!

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