Arrival Day NYC

Friday Oct 6th

Our travel from Boston to NYC was by a Limoliner bus and it was a safe and uneventful journey. Limoliner is a service just between Boston and NYC but, whilst relatively expensive at $99/seat, offers a very pleasant journey  with comfortable seats, refreshment and even a hot lunch. We left Boston at 9.30 am and eventually arrived into NYC and the apartment by about 2 pm. However we needed to wait for access until 3.30pm So, guess what we did to fill in the time!  If you guessed…walked to find a pub for Mark…. you’d be spot on!

Our apartment is located in Tribeca at 39 Lispenard Street ( and I’d been worried the listing could be a hoax. Thus, you can see the relief etched in my face (first photo) once we’d finally found the apartment and spoken to the owner!


After settling in and unpacking we headed out to WholeFoods to source some supplies and purchase dinner. We’d eaten out each night so we were looking forward to a night-in. The offerings at this WholeFoods didn’t quite match what we’d experienced in London but, still, it was nice to eat simply and to have some vegetables! We turned in relatively early as we had two walking tours booked for the next day prior to Matt and Annabelle arriving. No captions today. The photos speak for themselves!


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