First full day in NYC.

Sat Oct 7th

We had two walking tours booked today, one in the morning for 2 hours and the other in the afternoon for 3 hours, so we skipped our usual morning walk. The first tour was at 9.45 am of Greenwich Village for 2 hours and the second at 2 pm for 3 hours was of Downtown Manhattan taking in the 9/11 site, SOHO, Chinatown and Little Italy.

This was a great way to spend out first full day as it got us out walking the lower part of Manhattan where we were currently staying and an area that we were less familiar with, until after the tours that was! There was a lot of information dished out during the two tours, too much to re-hash here, so here are just a few photos of the day.

Baxter, a hedge fund guy, bought this Greenwich Village block for 47 million; he’s turning it into a single family home, as you do!



The Gay Civil rights movement started here in 1969 with riots.


Greenwich Village house worth circa $14 million!
Façade for “Friends’ TV show.
This used to be housing for the poor, set back from the street, now very expensive!
Narrowest house in NYC…3.7 m!
House front of the Huxtable family from Cosby show.
Us at the NYSE.
Tombstone of Treasury Secretary Hamilton, killed in a dual with the US Vice president, made more famous now by the Broadway show bearing his name.
9/11 South Tower ‘pond’.
Good food here in Little Italy; an area that is now just 7 blocks post 9/11 impact.
The court-house steps that feature in many episode of ‘Law & Order’
China Town: check out the offerings! Symbolic of NYC inclusion!
Cast Iron District building in Soho; this was where Heath Ledger lived and, sadly, died.
Mark enjoying a well-earned beer after 5 hours of walking tours!






Another beautiful ‘cast iron’ building: ALL of the façade is cast iron.
Annabelle & Matt made it by 7.30 pm & we headed out for dinner.

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