Two wet days

Sun 8th and Mon 9th October

The first two full days for Matt and Annabelle were wet days unfortunately. On day one we all went for a morning walk up to their favourite coffee spot, Blue Bottle, and spent the rest of the day strolling up to Chelsea Markets before having dinner at Osteria Marini. Mark also registered with Rapha for a bike ride on our last Wednesday.

On wet day two we decided to stick with our plans for a walking tour of Brooklyn Bridge and Brooklyn Heights and whilst the rain sure hindered things this paled against our guide for the day. mark and I had taken tours with this same company through New Orleans, Boston and our first day in NYC and had nothing but praise for the quality of the guides. We were very disappointed that the first tour for Matt and Annabelle with this company was the one where we struck a very ordinary guide.

The tour finished in Brooklyn at about 1.30 pm and so we spent the rest of the afternoon having a sushi lunch and browsing the area and local shops before heading home via Wholefoods to purchase dinner for a night in.

Dinner at Osteria Morini
Uncle Jeffery, the ordinary guide, on our Brooklyn Bridge tour
Google building opposite Chelsea markets
A very wet and windy day for walking the Brooklyn Bridge 😦
View of NYC from Brooklyn
Another beautiful cast iron building.
Dove, eagle or what? World Trade Centre train station.

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