Highline day

Tue 10th October

The sun was out today and so we rose early, 7am, to head down to the Brooklyn Bridge and Ground Zero area to try and get some photos before the crowds set in. We were lucky enough to see a couple having their wedding photos taken on the Bridge!

Matt and Annabelle had a lunch booking and so Mark and I decided to do a podcast walking tour of the Highline.


Old alongside new
Early morning wedding!
Mark on the Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn Bridge
Less crowds at this time or morning: WTC.

My new fav: the Jenga building
Jenga up close









Mark and I eventually set out at about 11 a.m leaving Matt and Annabelle to get ready for their lunch. We wandered around Chinatown and stumbled across a movie set in progress along the way!  We then caught a train up to the start of the Highline; the Highline extends from 15th St. up to 34th St but we started our walk at the lower south end, near 15th St. I had found a Bowery Boys podcast that gave a guided tour of the Highline, which we had both downloaded, and this gave us bits and pieces of information about the Highline as we strolled along the route. The whole walk took us about 90 minutes , allowing for podcast stops, and we finally stepped off at the 34th St exit.

Annabelle and Matt were having lunch up in Midtown and the plan was for us to meet up with them after that, at about 3 PM. Mark and I finished the Highline by about 1.30pm so we wandered along 34th St. until we found a suitable place to have lunch and that turned out to be ‘Lucy‘s Cantina’.

Lights, camera, action! A scene in progress
South end start of the Highline.


Section of the Highline
The old ‘Nabisco’ factory: acronym for ‘North America Biscuit Company’. Never knew that!


Lunch after the Highline at Lucy’s Cantina









We eventually caught up with Matt and Annabelle at a craft beer pub where the boys stayed on for a drink, or two, but Annabelle and I left and went on for a foot massage; all the walking had taken a toll on our poor feet. We gathered at home around 6pm but then drifted out again for a pre-dinner drink followed by a pizza before heading home at about 9pm.


The four of us at pre-dinner drinks
The best pizza and just 50m from our front door!

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