Ali and Brett arrive.

Wed 11th October

We were all rather excited as Ali and Brett were to arrive later today. Our plans were rather simple until they arrived at around 2.30 pm; the four of us walked down 5th Avenue from Central Park. A spot of shopping here and there meant we only made it down to the Flatiron building on 23rd Street so we will have to complete the rest of this journey on another day!

Mark and I left Matt and Annabelle to have lunch and we made it home just in time to greet Ali and Brett after their journey from Washington. Mark and I took Ali and Brett down to the 9/11 memorial area after they had settled in and we then all met up with Matt and Annabelle at a bar on Chambers St, Mudville 9. From there we headed on to dinner at Pepelino before the boys ventured on to a Sports Bar but the girls headed home.

Trying out the café across the road.
The Plaza Hotel, 5th Avenue.
The Rockefeller Centre
Ice skating at the Rockefeller Centre.
Grand Central Station.
Lots of security around Trump Tower!
St Patrick’s Cathedral; 5th Avenue.
Markets at Grand Central Station.
St Peter’s: Oldest Catholic Church in NYC.
Mudville 9: first night out with Ali and Brett!

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