Woodbury Common Day

Thurs 12th Oct

The forecast  for the day was for cool and wet weather and so were happy enough to spend it out at Woodbury Common. We caught the train up to the Port Authority in time for the 9.30am bus out to the Common and had a fun day of shopping in time for catching the 3.30pm bus home.

After dropping off shopping bags back at the apartment and tidying up a bit we headed back out for 6.45 pm dinner at Empellon Taqueira to celebrate Ali’s birthday. On the way home we stopped off for an ice cream at ‘Big Gay Ice Cream Shop’ and then at the roof top bar of  the James Hotel for a night cap and to soak up the view before heading home for a relatively early night. The ice cream shop was voted Number One for all of NYC but I can only guess at how’d they feel if the knew about our Messina 😦

Empellon Taqueira for dinner.
Empellon Taqueira
Mark at Empellon Taqueira; nice vibe!
Big Gay Ice Cream: It’s really just a glorified soft serve 😦

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