Ali’s B’day.

Fri 13th October: Ali’s Birthday!

The birthday girl joined Mark and I for our morning walk and coffee before we all set off to walk up Broadway towards Bleeker St; I never tire of traveling this route given all the beautiful cast iron buildings.

We decided to try this café, Rocco’s, that was recommended on one of our walking tours as serving great coffee and the best cannoli in NYC. We didn’t try the cannoli but we can vouch it isn’t the best NYC coffee; not by a long shot!

Next stop was Central Park and so we jumped on the subway to make our way up to the Dakota Building side of the park. This was an enjoyable hour strolling the park and checking out The Central Park Boathouse, where Big and Carrie fell into the pond (Sex and the City). We spotted a racoon, which was rather exciting, saw some great buskers and I even managed to photobomb another wedding!

After our park stroll we jumped back on the subway and headed to Union Square for a late lunch at a diner style venue; which was only just ok. The main even for the day was the evening NBL game and so we then headed home to rest up before heading out again for the evening.

The Knicks game was a lot of fun but rather disappointing to see that their lack of an effective defence cost them the game. We walked up to Time Square after the game and it was, as you would expect on a Friday night, manic! Matt and Annabelle headed out for some more fun but Mark, Ali, Brett and myself headed home albeit with a pizza stop on the way.

Our morning walk & coffee at Antique Garage; café around corner from apartment:








Rocco’s Café:

Central Park:



Knicks Game and Time Square


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