Williamsburg Day

Sunday 15th October

It was another slow start today. Matt, Annabelle, Mark and myself went out for a bit of a walk before we came home and got ready to go out for the day. Matt and Annabelle were doing the Highline but Brett, Ali, Mark and I headed to Williamsburg around midday to have a walk around the area, check out the flea markets and then to do a 2 PM walking tour.

Our first stop, once we got off the train, was at an interesting cafe called Diviera Drive and then we headed to the Artists and Fleas market that had lots of interesting stall with small local artists selling their wares and where Ali and I both bought earrings. We then headed back to Diviera Drive for a quick lunch before the start of our tour and where we had great Italian style-sandwiches and a grazing plate.

Williamsburg is a really interesting area with lots of history, much of it dark, but it is characterized now by the presence of lots of interesting street Art, a youthful population and a slightly alternative music and arts culture. One feature we all noted however was that it’s much quieter than its Manhattan neighbour.

Our tour guide, Derrick, arrived a bit late but we eventually set of with him walking us around the area for over two hours and pointing out the more interesting art pieces and recently converted buildings. The area fell into decline in the 70s when a lot of industry moved out but,then, a lot of vagrants moved in. Today, though, there are expensive condominiums going up everywhere along with trendy boutique hotels.

The tour finished near 5pm and we stopped off for one last drink back at Diviera Drive before catching the subway back to the apartment for a night of dining in.

Diviera Drive Café and Flea Markets:


Williamsburg Walking Tour


Diviera Drive: before heading home





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