Heading to Washington

The four of us went for one last morning walk along the Hudson and down to The World Trade Centre. The WTC is a beautiful commemorative space but especially so in the early morning light and relative quiet.

Mark and I left at 10 am to catch our bus to Washington but Matt and Annabelle were leaving their bags in the apartment until there afternoon flight to LA and then home.

The Megabus journey was ok after the rather chaotic queuing and boarding process. They are certainly not ‘Mega’ on service and manners but we had reserved decent seats in the front row upstairs so had a birds eye view the whole way.

The bus trip was long though and we didn’t get in to the apartment until 5pm. The apartment did not disappoint as it was surrounded by lots of cafes and restaurants, was clean  and had loads or room. We dropped our bags and headed back out to investigate the metro / transport situation, check out the local restaurants and to buy some milk. We’d only gone about 20 steps when we came across a place with a board out the front boasting about their craft beer range. Needless to say, that was as far as we got for our first stop. On closer Google inspection we found this place had one of the highest ratings for nearby dining options. In fact, the street with our apartment was dotted with dining options having ratings of over 4*.

We ventured on up to the metro at DuPont Circle and sorted out which tickets to buy and then headed to buy some milk and check out the restaurants on the other side of the street from our apartment. The fish restaurant ‘Pesche’ took our fancy and, although fully booked, we were able to score two seats up at the bar. We shared a few menu items with Mark commenting the sardines were the best he’d ever had. An elderly gentleman with a clipped English accent settled in next to us and was clearly well known to the staff. He was a most friendly and chatty chap telling us about his naval past but how, after a few years of doing other things for the UK government,  he now works for the US government in International Trade Relations; an oxymoron if ever there was one in the current political climate! I read this though a clear subtext for that he works for MI6 and so was rather chuffed to be dining beside a SPY!

We headed home after dinner for an early night as we had 6 hours of walking tours lined up for the next day so gathered some rest ahead of that.


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