Noosa Farmers Market: Day 3

Sunday 16th June

Another beautiful day greeted us for our morning activities: Mark went on his first bike ride and us girls walked 30 minutes to the Noosa Farmers Market. The markets are located in a shady park-like area and is open every Sunday from 7 am to midday. They’re well worth a visit for the array of fresh fruit, vegetables, meats and gourmet jams and relishes as well as a wide array of breads, cakes and pies. I wished we weren’t on foot as I would have liked to buy some meal items for the week.

We decided to head to Sunshine Beach to have brunch and this was a bout a one hour walk from the markets. However, after about 20 minutes of walking,  we ended up being intercepted by Mark and so headed together by car for the rest of the journey to Sunshine Beach. First stop was FOMO for brunch where the lowlight of the visit ended up being a bird taking its daily ablution from a branch above Annabelle as she was tucking into gourmet mince on toast. Needless to say, it didn’t stay gourmet for long 😦

We headed down to the beachfront after breakfast and were pleasantly surprised  at how pretty and inviting the beach area was. There were plenty of people sun-baking, swimming and enjoying the warm conditions. It was around 11 am by this time and so we headed home for showers and to rest before out afternoon outing.

By 3 pm we were for something to do so we decided to check out one of the craft breweries, Land and Sea Brewery. This was a 10 minute drive from our apartment and whilst mark drove there, Ali drove home. This Brewery was a great venue with a nice building and decor and good vibe but, unfortunately, the beers did not match up as well. If only Boiling Pot was here on tap then I think the place would have been packed!

It was back home after the brewery visit for a bit of a siesta before heading down to Bistro C, on the beach front, for dinner. Our dinner booking wasn’t until 6.30 pm but, after watching another beautiful sunset from our apartment, we decided to head down to the beach front and see if there was any beach front bar we might visit first. A short stroll along the promenade revealed that our restaurant venue, Bistro C, was probably the best place to try and so that’s where we headed. Bistro C is well located right on the beach but that is the only real positive we experienced. The food was ordinary and served up quicker than McDonalds such that our mains arrived shortly after the girls pre-dinner cocktails arrived. This was disappointing given that the price point here was similar to that at Locale, where we dined on the first night. The vibe at Bistro C is more beach cafe than fine dining, although the prices don’t reflect this, so maybe it would be ok for breakfast or lunch but I would not recommend this venue at all for dinner.

Our early start meant that we were finished dinner by around 7 pm and so we headed home after a stop off for Ben and Jerry’s. This proved to be rather fortuitous though as, shortly after we arrived home, the heavens opened.  It poured heavily during the night as a reminder that we were in a tropical environment.



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