Day 4 and Day 5

Tuesday 17th June: Day 4

There had been heavy rain during the night but, luckily, we woke to just a bit of cloud. The girls and I took our walk westward along the promenade for the outward journey but walked back along the beach.

The girls were leaving late morning today and so we decided to have brunch and check out Sunrise Beach on the way to the airport. Sunrise is about 5 km south of Noosa with one cafe, The Chalet & Co, but it is well worth a visit if ever in the area.

Mark and I spent the rest of the day back at the apartment catching up on some tasks with just a visit the Surf Club for a pre-dinner drink before another home BBQ fish dinner.



Wednesday 18th June: Day 5

Just a quick update for today: Mark Went for a bike ride and I went on a walk along the boardwalk. We decided to take a drive to the hinterland and drove up to Maleny where we took a 50 minute walk through the rain forest. We then went into the Maleny for lunch and had a nice BLT at Monica‘s Cafe which I would highly recommend. Maleny is quite pretty and a bit like a cross between Mogo and Moruya. After lunch we headed home to rest up before our dinner out at Miss Moneypenny’s. Miss Moneypenny’s was great and another venue I’d highly recommend for dinner.


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