Milan Day 3

Friday 13th September

This was our last day in Milan and Mark and I started the morning with a walk up to the Duomo and galleria whilst David went on his own journey exploring. We stopped off at Disciplini cafe again and it was even busier this morning. What we can’t understand is how all these Milanese, having their daily coffees and pastries, stay so slim. After walking around the cit for two days a few things have become clear:

  • There are no overweight people in Milan. How do they do it? Mark thinks it’s because they just walk everywhere. All theories welcome.
  • Milan is a very clean city: our guide from yesterday’s tour kept picking up rubbish along the way which we found rather amusing and impressive in equal doses!
  • Milan is quite a busy city in the morning. The streets are pretty full by 8 am with lots of students on their way to Uni or school and people on their way to work; it’s a nice buzz, and rather different from other European cities we have frequented.
  • The other thing you can’t help but notice is how well dressed everyone is; from people in their business suits to those just in casual wear. You won’t find a single tracksuit or sweat shirt in sight!

There were some transport details to be sorted and so we didn’t actually set out again until about 11 am. Mark and I headed up to the shops to look for some socks and for me to visit some shops and David went off to have a massage. Mark then headed home to meet up with David because the boys, not surprisingly, planned to watch Geelong play. I decided to go for more of an amble and actually went back to the restaurant from our first day, Pane and Vino, to have more of their delicious vegetable soup.

After lunch I wandered back down to Corso di Porta Ticinese, the street where we dined last night, to check out some of the shops. The street is lined with cafes, bars, individual boutiques and designer retail and certainly has a Darlinghurst / Paddington vibe. To think we were just 5 min away yesterday afternoon and struggling to find a bar for a drink!

I arrived home to find the boys engrossed in the 3rd quarter of a rather tight game. An ideal opportunity for me to have a rest and blog!

Our final activity for Milan was only booked this morning and was a wine and cheese tasting from 4pm -6pm. Apparently the guy is also a keen craft beer brewer so you can guess who was extra keen for this activity! It was a 25 min walk there and back and it was still 30 degrees C on our arrival. There were two girls from Colarado sharing this experience which was pleasant enough but not a must do event. The room was rather warm which made it a bit of a struggle and David had to leave early due to this. We all met up at home later on and stayed in given our early start for the next day.


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