Copenhagen Day 2

Sunday 15 September

It was cool and windy for my first full day in Copenhagen but I ventured out for a morning walk down to Nyholm; the old harbour area. The area was deserted this morning but there was plenty of evidence that there’d been a lot of drinking activity fairly recently!

I had a 3hr walking tour booked for 11 am so headed out a bit earlier to have a wander. I was now well glad of the near 20 kg of winter clothes I had brought with me; despite the struggle on the 5 flights of stairs. ‘Maximums’ are only predicted up to 15 for the next few days.

There were about 25 on our walking tour and there were two other Aussies; Harry: a young bloke ex-AFL player from Adelaide and Cassie; a lovely girl from Brisbane. Cassie was solo traveling too, as part of a business trip, and so we were able to compare notes 😦

Our guide, Martin, imparted a few interesting bits of information and those that sank in are summarised below:

  • The Vikings only stopped pillaging when they realised they could tax ships coming through their waters.
  • Slut: means ‘end’ in Danish.
  • Fart: means ‘fast’ in Danish.
  • Danes pay almost 50% income tax but seem to do so happily as they receive free health, free education, a generous pension and good aged care.
  • Hans Christian Andersen came to Copenhagen at age 14: His first desire was to study ballet but was rejected. He then tried acting but was rejected there too. Then he tried the choir and that worked out until his voice broke. So, rather dejected, someone suggested he put his stories to paper and, that he did: These include the great works such as The Little Mermaid, Snow Queen (basis of Frozen), The Emperor’s New Clothes, The Princess and the Pea and Thumbelina. The last three of these were favourite stories that I recall my father telling me at bedtime.

The tour wound up at around 4pm and Cassie and I drifted back to our repsective lodgings with a stop-off for a glass of wine. I then called in to Torvehallerne for an early dinner and found a great spot called Grod. The Menu and my delicious dish are featured in the photos.

My day had started at 4 am and so, feeling a bit weary, I headed back to the apartment to warm up. It was another early night for me.

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